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Yellow Monday
Blonde girl, carrying an umbrella
Of fluttering yellow and golden traces
In her eyes, what colour amongst
Sky, darkened by an overcast sheet
Yellow umbrella, please cover my head!
Yellow umbrella, dripping so loud!
Girl of yellow, thoughts drift through fluttering
In The Rain
:iconozanarusyra:OzanaruSyra 1 1
Fleeting Moments
There's too much going on
Too many things happening
The past, the future, every decision, every change
Everything is moving in infinite directions
Scrambling so chaotically it's lighting the steps we take
But no one even seems to catch a glimpse
The moments pass by, frozen but we can't
Grab those snowflakes as they drift to the world
And back out of our minds.
:iconozanarusyra:OzanaruSyra 6 14
Combat Styles System
What are Combat Styles?
A Combat Style is as it sounds; it is a way of fighting that will boost statistics. Combat Styles are most commonly used for taijutsu, though some Combat Styles might relate to other fighting styles, such as ninjutsu or ijutsu.
How Does it Work?
All Combat Styles require training to learn. Combat Styles are learned by level, with each level requiring a minimum of 2 points of training unless otherwise specified. At every new level, you gain access to the bonus that it provides and the ability to learn any jutsu that require that level. If you have permission to learn the Combat Style, you do not require permission to learn additional levels.
How does everything work in character?
Like a Special Ability, Combat Styles must be activated and specified so in your post. You may choose which level you wish to use in that post. They are continuous and unless specified do not drain chakra. While fighting, you gain any bonuses that it provides. You ma
:iconozanarusyra:OzanaruSyra 1 2
Summoning Creatures System
What are Summons?
Summons are animals or creatures 'summoned' using a custom-made B rank kinjutsu and item scroll. In canon, a person would put their blood initials on the scroll which would grant them the ability to summon the creature's names written in the scroll.
How do I make summons?
First, you will have to make a B rank ninjutsu (kinjutsu) jutsu in the Post Jutsu section. This will require 100 posts. Second, you make a list of the summons available in the Post Characters section. There is a template provided specifically for summons and pets.
How does the summoning system work here?
There are three levels of summons: Minor, Major and Bosses.
D-Rank shinobi are limited to minor summons. C rank shinobi are limited to Major summons, while A+ shinobi can summon boss summons.
How many jutsu can my summon know?
Minor summons are allowed 2 jutsu and are limited to B rank or less. Major summons are allowed 2 jutsu and are limited to A rank or less. Boss summo
:iconozanarusyra:OzanaruSyra 1 0
Fame and Infamy System
What is Fame and Infamy?
Fame is a measurement of how well-known and renowned your shinobi is. The value of fame is low; it is used mainly to determine IC, if your character should know of another or not. Fame is also used in the Organization system and it also affects the Infamy system.
Infamy is for 'evil' shinobi; it is a measurement of your criminal level. The more crimes you commit, the higher your infamy will be. Alongside your fame, it will determine the priority of hunting your shinobi, with high levels being high priority.
How do I gain Fame / Infamy?
Fame and Infamy is REQUESTED, in the Template Changes, in the Template changes Section. It is given after a Moderator and The Head of Fame/Infamy Commissioner make the decision to give you an amount based on what you did and amounted to in a topic. The one who wants to receive the Fame/Infamy must make a template change.
What general amounts are there for Fame / Infamy?
There are several ways to gain Fame, listed be
:iconozanarusyra:OzanaruSyra 1 0
Reliance D20 Combat System
/First Reaction/
Each combatant is ordered by Agility Modifier. Those who have the same modifier must roll 1d20 plus their Physical Fitness Modifier each round.
/Actions per Round/
Each player can take two actions under normal circumstances.
- Walking (1 metre per second): Half Action
- Running (2 metre per second): Full Action
- Using an Item: Half Action
- Attacking: Full Action
- Using an Active Ability: Indicated in Ability
- Interacting with Environment: GD's Discretion
- Reloading / Drawing Weapon: Half Action
- Reaction: Remaining Action (Minimum Half)
- Going Prone / Crouching: Half Action
- Returning to Full Stance: Half Action (Crouching) / Full Action (Prone)
- Players can move 1 metre per second if walking for up or 2 metres per second if running. A maximum of 2 move actions can be made per round.
- If you use a full action for a move action you are considered moving while attacking.
/Physical Attacks/
- Strike Roll: Roll 1d20 and add Physical Fitness or
:iconozanarusyra:OzanaruSyra 1 6
The Ice Queen
The sun shines no more brightly, the stars fell to the blackened night
The leaves fall, the weeping tears of the trees - absorbed by the cold
When the touches of the Wintry gaze fall upon the disheartened folk
The Ice Queen will rise from the Frozen Palace once more.
She rises into the darkness, light, weightless against the breeze
Her long fingernails gracefully cutting the air
Her white hair glistening in the pale moonlight
Her round coal black eyes burning through the haze of the early morn.
Into a dark home, no sound could be heard save for the soft breathing
The Ice Queen floats down, her fingertips sliding across the faces of the men
Their dreams are sad, hopeless; filled with dread and fear
Frightened of the dark and cold and emptiness of the Wintry sky.
Her softest breath and softest kiss from deadened lips
The cold presses against their foreheads for but a moment and -
Gone, the Ice Queen has faded into the darkness of Winter once more
Returning to her Frozen Palace to enter E
:iconozanarusyra:OzanaruSyra 4 11
Scene Two
It wasn't supposed to end like this. It wasn't supposed to end like this. Where did we go wrong, Amber? Why couldn't you love me? What did he have that I did? I did everything for you.
Lights flash past, blinking for a mere moment before disappearing forever. The sting of the lamp posts drive his eyes downward, staring at the two blasts of liquid light. It looks soft, gentle, caring. The sound of wind sliding along the bodies as they sped past, beside one another for a mere moment before disappearing forever.
The warmth rises from his stomach. His eyes water from the quick burning motion. His throat clenches and explodes, vomit pouring out and splattering against the the carpeted floor. It pools at the bottom of his feet. Tears are still in his eyes as a red flash warns him. Blurred, unsure, unable to know. The clink of glass as they rolled to and fro, swerving with the upsetted movements of his bowels.
His foot remained on the gas peddle as he rushed into the intersection. He t
:iconozanarusyra:OzanaruSyra 1 0
Scene One
The street lamp's light stings, like a fiery blast before death. The silence of the night is broken by foot falls and the screaming of the sirens. Into the darkness, he descends away from the noise and the streets. Darkness overwhelms, colour fading into a dark greyscale; the dim hiding the dirt, the grime, and the graffiti covering the sides. The noise is a lie, as every sound vibrates and echoes to give substance to every space; the paranoid illusion that he's being followed.
Deeper and deeper into the cavern he delves, the last vestige of of burning fire lit at the tip of his cigarette. In the black hole that surrounded him, no sound or light could escape. Illusions of smoke and memories half-remembered crept into his eyes.
He shivered; the air, silent, cutting through the layers of cloth. In the twisting caverns of pavement and brick, he had found the heart of the metropolis; it was cold.
The air crackled with elecricity, the humming of air conditioners audible over the twisted tho
:iconozanarusyra:OzanaruSyra 1 0
Conversations of Insanity
No one gets it until they miss such a large part of their life...
Sometimes all of it.
They realize it on their deathbed.
Realize what they wish they had, and never had time for.
Sometiems they don't ever realize it...
They go through life and they have no idea what the purpose is.
Just doing what they're told...
Forgetting what it means to make a decision.
It's not the choice between different products... it's not the choice between different homes, none of that matters....
It's the emotions, it's the memories, it's the feelings.
It's what no one can take away...
It's what no one puts ahead of everything else even thoguh they should.
Everything we do is for their purpose but we never give it the due process.
The true goal is happiness...
And no one will be ever to feel what I feel...
Because if I was purely, truly happy for one moment. It will be more than anyone else can feel... Isn't that terrifying?
Do I sound crazy?
Alexa: No, you don't. You never sound crazy... In fact you are mo
:iconozanarusyra:OzanaruSyra 3 13
Deviously? Not so.
              / Observing
Well trained.
              / Connecting Ideas and Images
Prepared, quick.
              / It's Not Easy   
I see the cracks, I see the faults.
              / Considering How Close Minded People Are Naturally
I perceive with my heart far beyond where your eyes will take you.
:iconozanarusyra:OzanaruSyra 1 3
Caution Tape
Fuck this.
I'm so sick of all those other writers -
It's like they don't even try to improve.
They don't even know how bad they are.
Everyone tells them how fucking great they do.
Well guess what?
It sucks. So suck it up and learn from your mistakes.
It's not our job to tell you what you're doing wrong.
Think for yourself, goddamnit.
I did it.
:iconozanarusyra:OzanaruSyra 1 52
The Man with the Smiling Eyes
If the story's not over yet
Don't call for an end
Just mull it, spread it, waste it
Do whatever it takes to get it done.
Ocean waited for the sky, sky waited for the sun
Masks are welled with fear, unheard
Hear it loud, don't slide back - wait
The depths don't lie subtle
It's a thought process, broken down
Beaten to shit with a baseball bat
Clock work still works if any more before
It's not a fight, it's a massacre
But we don't know it yet
:iconozanarusyra:OzanaruSyra 0 14
Second-Hand Literature
Words are plastered on a page
Black and white, coloured; used by frivolous mouths
Exhaled by the infinite
Ideas fall out of hands into open palms
Copyrighted materials? No
We're all just borrowers and often lenders
Broken thoughts fixed by others
I call it sharing
They call it originality
:iconozanarusyra:OzanaruSyra 7 8
Gummy Bears by OzanaruSyra Gummy Bears :iconozanarusyra:OzanaruSyra 4 13 Tears of the Stars by OzanaruSyra Tears of the Stars :iconozanarusyra:OzanaruSyra 4 9
Just started writing again after a very long hiatus. I'm not sure where it will take me, but we'll see.

Random Favourites

Beyond the Amethyst Mountains
It had started with a meeting in the Tontine Coffee House on Front Street listening to Astor talk about opening trade, dividends and other dull financial subjects. That coffeehouse was now over a quarter million miles away.  Yet I could still look up in the sky and see it.  Well, I could see New York, at least, just barely making it out under the clouds.  And all those people in that city could also look up and see us.  They had no idea what was going on anyway.  Only a select few like John Jacob Astor even knew we were here.
“Quit lollygagging, Fulton!” came Captain McHenry’s gruff voice.  “There is work to do!”
“Sir,” I said.  Like McHenry knew what to do other than drink.  “I have checked and double-checked the boiler.  Everything is as it should be.  I think we shall be able to do no more until Bedford and West return.”
McHenry grumbled and took another swig from his bottle.  I could only imagine what he would do when he ran out.  “
:iconlugal:Lugal 6 7
Taurus by Fallnan Taurus :iconfallnan:Fallnan 6 5 Aquintian Streets by Faithess Aquintian Streets :iconfaithess:Faithess 1 2
the wrong kind
The wrong kind
Her eyes gave her away.
As I feared mine might.
They showed what we couldn’t say.
In the end we could never fight.
So our love was hidden.
We were watched none the less.
We were forbidden.
Looked on as if expected to confess.
We could never be.
The watchers would never allow it.
It would be a bond they would never see.
And thus we must never admit.
But as time went on.
And the night came to an end.
We were gone.
By different roads into the dawn.
I will find her at the next party.
And tell the ever-oppressive friends, No.
I will make a stand.
And take her hand.
:icondarkpriest11:Darkpriest11 2 2
the strange mushroom tree by Antomio the strange mushroom tree :iconantomio:Antomio 17 5 Rafincore_Submarine by Antomio Rafincore_Submarine :iconantomio:Antomio 2 0 fantasy road by Antomio fantasy road :iconantomio:Antomio 11 1
Secret Admirer
I watch and I watch you from far off
You do not notice me here
I call and I call out for you
Please will you come near?
Your lips look soft and they curve just right
When you smile.
Your eyes glow with an ethereal light
As I sit here and ponder like a curious child
You do not know me as I know you
I wish you did and could see me
I'lll stay in the shadows and in the dusk blue
I am oh so content and happy
You would not like I think for you see
I am not her only me
She is oh so lucky
That girl and not I
What I wouldn't give for your smile
As I sit here all this while.
:iconlorielelizabeth:LorielElizabeth 10 4
2nd bunny by koekje2007 2nd bunny :iconkoekje2007:koekje2007 1 0 cherry blossoms by just-one-more-freak cherry blossoms :iconjust-one-more-freak:just-one-more-freak 3 0 El Gaucho by GabrielCejas El Gaucho :icongabrielcejas:GabrielCejas 3 4 DIABLO 2 by GabrielCejas DIABLO 2 :icongabrielcejas:GabrielCejas 1 4 DIABLO 3 by GabrielCejas DIABLO 3 :icongabrielcejas:GabrielCejas 1 1



Joshua V. Henderson


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